The Team

Randy O’Brien

Nickname: Rando
Position: Driver
Hometown: Shediac
Favourite dish: Basil Pork

Randy’s love of Thai cuisine inspired him to create Bangkok Food Truck. Combining the pleasure of driving across the Maritimes and the fun of introducing people to a world of flavours, he’s an expert at manoeuvering the truck and loves the thrill of getting through many orders all at once. When not on the road, he loves to travel.

Jariya O’Brien

Nickname: May
Position: Head Chef
Hometown: Nakhon Si Tammarat
Favourite dish: Green Curry

Jariya is also behind the founding of Bangkok Food Truck. Missing authentic Thai cuisine, she started amongst friends and family, eventually moving to the farmers’ market to finally build it up into what is now the famous Bangkok Food Truck. When not on the road, she loves to shop and spend time around town. 

Rachel Emocling

Nickname: Aicel
Position: Manager
Hometown: Tarlac
Favourite dish: Black Pepper Pork

Rachel an integral part of the team since 2016, Rachelle brings excellence and dedication to everything she does. She finds going around the Maritimes exciting and she loves what she does. When not delivering a world of flavours somewhere on the east coast, Rachelle likes to perfect her photography skills.

Jayson Mendoza

Nickname: Jay
Position: Senior Cook
Hometown: Manila
Favourite dish: Basil Pork

Jayson is a passionate foodie who joined the team in 2019. A hardworking cook, he loves to travel around the Maritimes to bring flavour to all sorts of events and locales. When not at work, he enjoys fishing and a beer or two. 

Kaeota Thongloet

Nickname: Nono
Position: Senior Cook / Administrator
Hometown: Udon Thani
Favourite dish: Basil Pork

Kaeota joined the team in 2015. With a professional attitude and a genuine desire to maintain maximum client satisfaction, she loves receiving good feedback from clients and considers every team member a part of her family. When she’s not on the road, she enjoys family time in Moncton.